Fraster wants to contribute positively to the world and its sustainable development.

We are working towards a future where only quality products are put into the world,
which are circularly designed and made under responsible conditions with respect
for people, society and the environment.

Our goal is to create durable textile solutions
for many years of pleasure, that with simple means
can have an extended life or enter new circular cycles.


Fraster's Responsibility Strategy

Since our inception, we have been working on resource optimisation, durability and product life extension. And this circular approach continues into the future with Fraster’s 2030 Strategy, which contains a wide range of ambitious goals because we can and will do even more.
Fraster’s Responsibility Strategy focuses on three key areas towards a greener future:


You can read more about the specific goals in our strategy for each area that set the direction for our work and action plans in the organisation towards 2030.

Fraster's policy on responsible corporate conduct

At Fraster, our ambition is to create durable, quality products under responsible conditions that respect people, society and the environment.

We are committed to caring for the world around us and acting responsibly in all aspects of our business, and we expect the same from our partners.

Therefore, we ask all partners to sign and comply with our Code of Conduct so that our textiles are made in accordance with international standards for human and labour rights, the environment, anti-corruption and animal welfare


Fraster designs with an eye on the entire life cycle of the product. We make every effort to design quality products that can last for many years so that the same product can stay in use for as long as possible. By actively working on product durability, we save precious resources, and the customer is freed from having to dispose of their beloved carpet. Several of our products are also designed to be repairable, separate and reusable in new products. In this way, the circle continues round and round.

At Fraster, we get the most out of even the smallest thing. While manufacturing our carpets, we can’t avoid material waste, but rather than throwing it away, we save all usable scraps, which are given new life in the creative hands of our designers. The ones we don’t use ourselves are sold when the tailor’s shop opens its doors to the annual sale of material leftovers for all interested. By upcycling, we reduce waste while saving the resources it would have taken to make new materials.


All of Fraster’s products can be adapted to the needs and wishes of the individual customer. Whether it’s for a small hallway in the home or a large interior design project in the public sector, we have competent hands ready at the tailor’s shop. With tailor-made solutions, the customer gets products exactly as desired. Products that fit in perfectly and will hopefully be well looked after for many years to come, and the tailor’s shop will be free from having to stock finished goods and minimise waste. Overall, a resource-saving solution for all.



Fraster loves nature’s materials, and most of our products are made of wool, sisal, linen and jute. Our material of choice is wool felt, which with its many inherent qualities, such as insulation and noise reduction, creates durable products and cosy rooms. Furthermore, wool felt is a 100% renewable and biodegradable material.

All our wool felt is labelled “Confidence in textiles - STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX”, which is your assurance that the textiles are free from harmful chemicals.



Fraster is the proud owner of their own tailor’s shop in Silkeborg, where skilled artisans create quality textile products, as is the tradition in the region. The goal that Fraster’s products should create pleasure for as long as possible requires not only quality materials but also high-quality processing.

90% of Fraster’s product range is tailored in our tailor’s shop. Our skilled partner in Hungary makes the few products that we can’t make ourselves in Silkeborg, under the same high standards of quality and responsibility.


All our suppliers - or partners, as we prefer to call them - are carefully selected based on strict quality standards and a community of values.
We prioritise having as few and close manufacturers as possible and creating long, close partnerships with good supplier dialogue at the centre. By keeping production close, we achieve less transport, shorter delivery times and flexibility in production, and greater transparency.


As a textile company, we can’t avoid our manufacturing leaving a footprint. However, we can do our best to keep our footprint as small as possible. The tailor’s shop in Silkeborg uses green power from renewable energy sources and has chosen to phase out traditional light bulbs, which are being replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting. We have also replaced our carpet tubes and cardboard boxes with some recycled materials. In this way, we move one step closer to a smaller footprint.



It is important for Fraster to be an inclusive workplace with room for diversity, which is why our skilled employees include flex workers, senior workers, refugees and students, giving us creativity, new knowledge and development.

Fraster wants to pass on the pride of quality craftsmanship and sees it as a social responsibility to help get more people into work. Most recently, we have collaborated with the ZigZag workshop to make the unique Cirkeline Rugs, and hopes for more local and social partnerships in the future. 


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