Custom-made responsibility

Fraster was established in 1993 by Peter Kruse, who is still at the helm of the company – or the tailor's shop, as we prefer to call ourselves. At Fraster we custom-make everything to order. Individually. Uniquely.

This also means that each individual rug and each individual felt product has been in the good hands of experienced and responsible employees, all the way from the arrival of the raw materials at our domicile, east of Silkeborg and until the finished, quality-assured product is delivered to the customer.

And while we are on the subject of "responsible employees": A thing we attach decisive importance to here at Fraster is doing everything in such a way as to be able to look each other, our customers and our cooperation partners in the eye. And acting responsibly at all times – also with regard to the environment and the surrounding world in a wide sense.

When we assess our suppliers, we therefore do it with a critical eye to factors such as farming practices, production techniques and dyeing processes. We are always grateful for opinions about our work.

This is why you are also always welcome to visit us, look us in the eye and tell us what and who is Fraster. In reality.