Fladvævet uldtæppe kvalitet Wadi
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afpasset sisal tæppe kvalitet Karoo

Carpet quality selection tips

Let loose the reins
Just let the rug guide you in decorating your living room. Thinking creatively, you can, for example, often use a rug to "bind the room together" and give it a completely new feel. And who says that you should choose your rug after you choose your furniture? Why not try the other way round and start with a splendid living room rug of a size cut exactly to your choosing.


More quality during meals
Chose a closely and plainly woven quality carpet under your dining room table. This way you will neither cry over spilt milk nor worry that crumbs or the like would escape the vacuum cleaner. You can get dining room rugs in many grades, e.g. wool, paper and sisal – and as with most Fraster rugs you can get your dining room carpet in exactly the size you want.


TIP! If you want to avoid lifting the rug when pulling the chairs to the table, the width of the rug must be equal to the width of the table + 120 cm (60 cm on each side).

You can step on your rug!
In areas with many steps, such as hallways and entrances, you need more wear resistant covering of your floor. Here sisal is often a good choice. The rug is manufactured of strong fibres from the Cactus-like agave plant, which in addition to wear resistance and high light fastness contributes to good indoor air quality in your home with antistatic and antibacterial properties. Sisal rugs also reduce the amount of dust mites in the room.

A durable alternative to sisal rugs are rugs made of paper yarn. As these rugs do not generate dust, they are particularly allergy-friendly. At the same time, just as the sisal rugs, they are easy to maintain and clean.


A woolly business
A genuine high-quality wool rug "breathes". The wool absorbs and binds in the process a number of unwanted substances from the air and thus contributes to a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. You can also tell a good wool rug from the loops that rise quickly to avoid permanent marks from chair legs and other objects.

Wool rugs are available in several different textures. From soft warmers with high-tufted loops for, let's say, the living room or the bedroom to the closely weaved rugs, which can be used in many rooms, including the dining room.