Carpet under the entire sofa suite
Typically, the classic living room décor has included one or two sofas and possibly a freestanding armchair on the wooden living room floor, while the coffee table has stood on a loose rug.

Today's trend in interior décor rather invites to the use of a much larger, loose carpet, which provides a base for the entire furniture group, i.e. sofas, armchair and coffee table. In this way, the appearance of the furniture is that of an interior island in the living room and, at the same time, through the colours and patterns of the carpets an exciting dynamic can be achieved between the various living room furniture groups.

Standard dimensions of up to 14 square meters
To meet the desire for large carpets and the new trend in décor, Fraster now offers three new sizes in the Rugs collection. All 22 designs and all of 73 colours the Fraster range are thus offered as standard sizes in a width of 400 cm and in lengths of 250 cm, 300 cm and 350 cm.

- The three new standard sizes are 10, 12 and 14 square meters, respectively, which, so far, has not been seen in any standard ranges.

It has always been possible to order the large sizes, but now there is a noticeable savings in getting them as standard sizes.

- Compared to special sizes, the customer will save about 15 percent on the large Rugs, and the delivery time is still approx. 2 weeks.