Abako, Göteborg

When furnishing Abaco's office premises, you encounter
concrete, raw walls and warm surfaces of wood.

The combination of these materials with the quality Lunar carpets
is very successful, 
and creates inspiring workspaces.
Lunar is flat-woven from sisal, which gives a very durable carpet that is 
suitable as a wall-to-wall carpet and for area rugs.
Before weaving, the sisal yarn has been given an anti-dirt treatment and
fire retardant treatment, which adds to the carpet some
extra good properties in use.


Dealer: Göteborg Golvbolag

Lunar 4001, lille kontor med vindue
Lunar 4001, lille kontor med to stole
Lunar 4001, i mødelokale hos Abaco
Lunar 4001, i mødelokale
Lunar 4001, detalje i hjørne
Lunar 4001, detalje med gardin
Lunar 4001.jpg

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