Boston Consulting Group

At BCG, you enter directly from the parking garage
in an open and raw concrete basement room, where a nice lighting,
a very elegant staircase made of wood and sisal carpets on the floor,
has transformed the room into a welcoming and warm space.

The sisal carpet on the floor is quality Sahara in design 3840.
The sisal fiber for Sahara has been given an anti-dirt and anti-fire treatment
before weaving the carpet 
which makes the carpet suitable for
laying in environments like these at BCG.


Architect: Briq Group

Sisal tæpper Sahara 3840, BCG
Sisal tæppe Sahara des. 3840, BCG
Sahara des. 3840, BCG
Sahara des 3840, BCG
Sisal tæppe, Sahara 3840, BCG
Sahara 3840 golden mix.

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