At Clever, meeting and conversation rooms are fully integrated into the open office landscape.
When the rooms are to be activated, the textiles are pulled for and together
with the color matching rugs, an intimate and quiet meeting room is created.
When no meetings are held, the Makalu rugs creates 
a quiet base for a short break from work.

The rugs are Makalu 3570 Beetle, a dense and sturdy
hand-woven quality in polyester, and wool felt in color Emerald.


Mørkt gardin bag Makalu tæppe fv 3570
Makalu tæppe 3570 beetle
Makalu tæppe fv 3570, rundt med bord og stole
Tæppe Makalu fv 3570 og gardiner omkring tæppet
Sofa på Makalu tæppe  fv 3570
Makalu tæpper fv 3570 i kontor
Filttæppe fv 560 emerald med siddebold, Clever
Rundt filttæppe fv 560 emerald,
Filttæppe fv 560 emerald foran gardiner

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