Concito is Denmark's green thinktank, whose purpose is to translate relevant knowledge into climate action.

Concito's offices are located in an old property in inner Copenhagen,
where the interior design is characterized by long corridors and crooked angles.
Carpet runners in sisal in quality Multicolor Boucle col. 3050 have been laid in the corridors. 
The sisal runners are equally suitable for long straight stretches and on stairs.
Where there is a need to change the course of the runners are these
cut at an angle and subsequently welded together so that the edges do not fray.
In the office and living areas, the sisal runners are supplemented with
carpets in wool felt, which act as "stepping stones" between two runners.
The design of the "stepping stones" is Pebble and the color is anthracite.


Sisal tæppe løber dessin multicolor Boucle 3050, på Concito kontor
Multicolour Boucle 3050, sisal tæppe
Sisal tæppe løber dessin  multicolor Boucle 3050 på gang og trappe
tæppeløber i sisal på kontorgang foran glaslokale
Lang tæppeløber i sisal på kontoret hos Concito
Tæppe løber i sisal og to filttæpper på kontor
To filttæpper mellem to sisalløbere på kontor gang
To filttæpper og en sisalløber i gang på kontor
Filt Pebbles på Concito kontor.
Filt Pebbles på Concito kontor i farve anthracite

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