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IDA, Århus

 At IDA in Aarhus, there are among the office workplaces
furnished several lounge areas for conversation and quiet togetherness.

Despite the fact that these lounge areas are located in the middle
of the office and close to the workplaces, you feel that you
enter a space  within the space as the decor is
gathered on large inviting rugs.
Immediately after joining IDA, you are welcomed
of a decor on the carpet Makalu in color Forest.
Makalu rugs are made to measure up to 5 meters wide,
and is therefore suitable for interior design with several seating groups.
In the corner of the office with views to three sides is furnished
with sofa groups on a Fraster Felt rug in design Tile,
in color anthracite. Felt rugs are also made in very large sizes
with either a discreet stitching pattern or in several beautiful colors

Dealer: KITO & Co.

Makalu tæppe fv 3560 forest med bord og to stole
Makalu tæppe 3560 forest, i lounge område
afpasset tæppe kvalitet Makalu
Makalu tæppe i fv 3560 forest med bænk og borde
Makalu 3560 tæppe med sofa og udsigt
filttæppe Tile quatro, fv grå i lounge område
Filtfarve 300 Anthrazite

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