top1-Jobindex, sisal løber.
top2-Jobindex, sisal løber.

Jobindex, sisal runner

Jobindex has put sisal runners in long corridors and in long lanes.
Sisal runners are woven in widths from 60 - 400 cm, which has been optimally utilized at Jobindex.
In the hallways, runners 120 cm and 160 cm wide have been laid, and in living rooms and meeting rooms, 360 cm wide carpets have been laid.
Runners in fixed widths do not require edging on the long sides, just edging with binding on the short sides.
The rugs in the living room are edged with Anuta cotton bindings on all four sides, which looks great under the sofa groups and meeting tables.
The runners and rugs are selected in design Boucle 345

Sisal løber i kontormiljø
lang gang med Fraster sisal løber
Sisaltæppe detalje i kontor
Fraster sisal tæppe under sofagruppe på kontor
fraster sisal tæppe under sofagruppe på kontor
Fraster sisal tæppe under mødebord
detalje af Fraster sisal tæppe
Fraster sisal tæppe under sofa gruppe hos Jobindex
sisalløber Boucle

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