Wood and sisal fits nicely together in any decor.
At KAB, you are met in the reception with warm
and golden colors from the wooden cladding on the stairs,
which openly leads one to all floors.
The warm and golden decor fra the wooden
panels on the walls and the wooden floor in the
offices and meetingrooms, are empfasized
with sisal rugs in a warm yellow color.
The area rugs in sisal Boucle fv. 345 are all
edged with a matching cotton binding.

Dealer: Holmris B8


Duet sisal tæppe, rundt tæppe hos KAB
sisal tæppe, Boucle 345
Duet sisal tæppe i mødelokale, KAB
Duet sisal tæppe i mødelokale med glasvæg
Duet sisal tæppe under mødebord KAB.jpg
Duet sisal tæppe, blå sofaer på tæppe
Duet sisal tæppe, stille sofa gruppe, KAB
Duet sisal tæppe, set fra oven hos KAB
Duet sisal tæppe i ventehal, KAB

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