Unity Group

A complete furnishing of the Unity Group premises is emphasized
of the use of area rugs in different qualities and sizes.
In the office spaces, quality Lunar in sisal is used as a
unifying element  of workplaces and lounge areas.
Lunar is suitable for office chairs, and both the noise
from moving office chairs and hard shoe soles
are cushioned with the large tailored rugs.
In the meeting rooms, Opus has been placed in sizes that fits the rooms.
A soft, warm and calm carpet in Taurus quality underpins the
relaxed atmosphere in the part of the canteen where there is a cozy sofa group.


Dealer: Brdr. Sørensen

Lunar 4003 sisaltæppe, brun sofa og stol
Lunar 4003, sisaltæppe i kontormiljø
sisaltæppe Lunar 4003,  kontor med arbejdspladser
Lunar 4003, sisaltæppe med brun sofa
Lunar 4003, rundt sisal tæppe under rundt bord
Lunar 4003, sisaltæppe under kontor arbejdsplads
sisaltæppe Lunar 4003 på trappe
Lunar 4003 på trappetrin, sisaltæppe
sisaltæppe Lunar 4003 på trappe hos Unity Group
Lunar 4003,sisalløber i lang gang
Lunar 4003 walnut _1.JPG
Opus tæppe 1847 i mødelokale med orange stol
Tæppe Opus 1847, i mødelokale
Opus tæppe dessin 1847 i mødelokale med 12 stole
opus 1847.jpg
Taurus tæppe dessin 1930 med brun sofagruppe
Taurus des. 1930 tæppe med sofaer og lænestole
Taurus 1930.jpg

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