Hillerød school


The desire to divide the administration office at Hillerød School
in smaller and more undisturbed areas has been resolved
with the suspension of Covers between the workplaces.
Finely detailed cutouts have been made in Covers
with inspiration from school life.
Covers are mounted with wire to the ceiling and
the felt is pure wool with a thickness of 5 mm.
The chosen color is 170 silver.

Covers i grå uldfilt på skole kontor
Uldfilt med uskæringer af mennesker
Grå uldfilt ophængt som Covers på lærer kontor
Covers i grå uldfilt med udskæringer af mennesker
Afskærmning på kontor med grå uldfilt med udskæringer
Udskæringer af menneske profiler i grå uldfilt

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