Spydeberg municipality

In a thorough renovation of Spydeberg
municipality's administration premises, textiles and colors have been brought
into the building. Felt covers divide the offices into smaller units.
Covers shield the workplace and create a quiet space and at the same time
let light through 
the beautiful cutouts.
The Covers are made in color iceberg in design CrissCross.

Covers in the reception area are made in color charcoal in design Circus.
A simple decoration on the walls of the offices is created
of squares in felt, in the colors red, orange and off-white
and fitted with Peel & Stick.

Covers i blå filt, design CrissCross
Cover i filt, filt rektangler på væggen
tre Covers i filt nedhængt fra loftet
tre Covers i blå filt foran skrivebord
rød, orange og hvid filt i rektangler
Filt i tre farver opklæbet på væg
Covers i filt fv charcoal i indgangsområde
Detalje af udskæring i filt design Circus
tre covers ophængt fra loft i farve charcoal
seks covers i filt i indgangsområde
tre covers i filt bag orange stol

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