Hørsholm library

To enter the narrator's cave at Hørsholm library
you have to walk through seaweed in shades of green.
Fortunately, you don't get wet before you get in
safety in the cave, where you can sit down with a book,
or maybe there is a performance in the cave.
The seaweed that does not grow out of the floor, but hangs
down from the ceiling is cutout from wool felt in several green colours.
The design of the seaweed causes it to twist as if there were
 movement in the water.

Tangardin i filt, Hørsholm bibliotek (1)
Grønt tangardin i filt, Hørsholm bibliotek
Tangardin i grønne filtfarver, Hørsholm bibliotek
Tangardin i filt, Hørsholm bibliotek
Grøn filt som tangardin, Hørsholm bibliotek

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