Kirkunommi library, Finland

At the children's library in Kirkunommi, children can frolic
a climbing-, play- and living space with a nice felt decoration
on the wall. The experience of being in an aquarium with
happy fish and colored plants, one can only stay in a good mood of.
With precise cutting, all fish, animals and plants have been cut out
on the cnc cutter and subsequently the patterns have been assembled
as a jigsaw puzzle of skilled hands on plates, as subsequent
is mounted on the wall of the library.

The felt's good tactile properties that you want to be close to
is utilized in the library to create nice space for reading and relaxation.
5 mm wool felt in many beautiful colors has been used on the wall and furniture.

Dealer: Valilla
Designer: Linda Bondestam

hval og fisk i filt på væg
Filtudsmykning, bibliotek, fisk og dyr på væggen
Filtudsmykning, bibliotek, orange havplanter
Filtudsmykning, bibliotek, fisk på blå filt
Filtudsmykning, bibliotek, blæksprutte og fisk i filt
Filtudsmykning, bibliotek, gule og orange planter i filt
blå fisk i filt
orange filt på væggen på bibliotek
filt farve mint og sky på væg i hule
filt farve azur på væg i niche
grå filt på væg i cafe

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