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Felt at Magleblik school

The very long corridor traversing the entire length of Magleblik School has been renovated and transformed into a long activity area with room for play, activities and calm study areas.
Dens and vertical surfaces are covered in 5-milimetre-thick wool felt in colours adapted to the surroundings.
Felt is particularly suited for being cut into any shape. Fraster cuts the felt to measure on a digital cutting board which provides the sharpest and most precise cut.

Filt på kasser, Magleblik skole
Filt udsmykning på gang på skole
Filt på Magleblik skole
Magleblik skole, filt udsmykning 4
Magleblik skole, filt udsmykning 5
Filt  på gulv i træboks på skole

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