filt tæppe i samtale rum
Fraster filttæppe hos ISS

Oval and rectangular shaped felt rugs at ISS in beautiful colors

Felt rugs in many sizes, forms and colours support the
beautiful decoration at the head quarter of ISS in Søborg.

The pattern in the rug is created by a stylish tree which - untraditionally -
shines up the top roof of a meeting room.

In the lounge lies a large and beautiful rug in Afloor design.

By covering the walls in and around the phone boxes with a 3 mm felt, comfortable and sound proofing rooms are created - all suitable for conversations.

Architects: Signal Architecs, Cph
Dealer: Homris Designbrokers

Ovalt filttæppe under sofaarrangement
ovalt tæppe i filt
filt tæppe i samtale rum
Fraster filttæppe hos ISS
ISS -7., Fraster filt tæppe
ISS  træ tæppe., Fraster filt tæppe
rektangulært filttæppe i reception
rundt filttæppe under to samtalestole
gråt filttæppe under samtalemøbler
lyst gråt filttæppe under samtalemøbler
ISS snakke boks., Fraster filt tæppe
ISS -5a., Fraster filt tæppe

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