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IT university


Long hallways, many people and hard floors are not a good cocktail,
when there is also a need for concentration and immersion at the IT university

To dampen the disturbance from hard soles, you find Fraster Felt in all
corridors and under the furnitures in the meeting areas.

The wool felt is a completely homogeneous material,
and we manufactor area rugs in any shape and size to match the decor.

At the IT university, color 175 charcoal is chosen for the corridors
and 437 aubegine is chosen under the furniture group.

Dealer: Ramsing

filtløber på IT universitetet foran teleboks
lang grå filtløber på kontor
Filtløber på kontorgang der viser vej
Filtløber under to grønne siddemøbler
Lang løber i filt under grønne siddemøbler
Løber i grå filt på lang kontorgang
Aubergine farvet tæppe i filt
Gråt filttæppe under to mint farvede siddemøbler

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