2016 sulawesi bobbit worm.jpg
2016 sulawesi nudibranch flabbelina.jpg
2016 blueringed octopus 4.jpg
2016 nudibranch halgerda 2.jpg
2016 sulawesi ascidians 1.jpg
2016 sulawesi box crab.jpg
2016 sulawesi candy crab.jpg
2016 sulawesi gigant clam 2.jpg
2016 sulawesi gobi 1.jpg
2016 sulawesi nudibranch phyllididea og lined nembrota 2.jpg
2016 sulawesi peacock mantis 2.jpg

Creative exchange

At Fraster, we have tried pretty much everything with felt. Thus, we have extensive experience with the material and know how to utilize its many creative possibilities - and solve the challenges that may arise during the course of an interior design project.

You are always welcome to contact our head of design, Trine Neve, if you want qualified creative exchange for design, functional or technical issues.

Trine is happy to already contribute during the concept phase, and you can draw on her extensive experience and thorough knowledge of wool felt whenever the need arises.

Need a sample?
We provide free samples at desired dimensions for our various felt types and colors. If you are working on a specific design, it is also possible to have a pattern sample custom cut.