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COVER mounting

Mounting of CoverSingle with magnets.

Mount a magnet on both sides of the glass and let the CoverSingle hang on the magnet. 

The magnets that are used for the suspension are very strong and must be used with caution.


 Click on the drawing for a pdf instruction or here for a visuel instruction






 A magnetic plate locks the felt onto the glass.




 If you mount a big COVER on a glass thicker than 10 mm you can glue the magnet to the glass to prevent them from sliding down.
Click for a glueing instruction here








Info for mounting covers with wires.

Covers are delivered with the number of wires thats fit the width of the Cover

The standard length on the wire is 100 cm which can easily be shortened to the desired length.
For longer wires, please contact Fraster



Several options for fitting a COVER

Click for fitting instructions