Brix - Bricks for decoration

BRIX – Peace by Piece 

BRIX creates room. Caresses both eyes and ears with creative designs in real natural felt. Creates sensuous beauty. Creates peace. Peace by piece.
The range is made up of felt pieces in nine different shapes, all made from 5-milimetre wool felt and with a back cover made from 5.5-milimetre recycled PET-felt (made from recycled PET bottles).

Fraster has created twelve incredible designs (and new ones are being continuously added). Each design may be multiplied indefinitely to cover the area desired. Moreover, for an extra charge, we offer to manufacture felt pieces in tailored shapes and sizes.

All pieces are available in Fraster’s 35 felt colours. The colours may be freely combined in the twelve designs which means that the creative expressions are virtually infinite.

 Use our digital paint book to let your creativity loose and calculate the number of BRIX felt pieces required. 

Wool felt has a positive impact on acoustics and, thus, the overall experience of being in a room. The soft felt surface prevents the echoing of sounds at the same volume as if the surface had been hard and smooth. The sound-absorbing effect is enhanced by the back cover made from recycled PET-felt.

BRIX has been tested to have a sound-absorption value (Alpha W) of 0.4 and is thus placed in sound-absorption class D.

Installation is easy with the fitted double-adhesive tape which adheres well to most common surfaces, once these have been cleaned.

With the BRIX felt pieces, you will receive an installation drawing which specifies how you draw horizontal and vertical lines on the wall to help you install the pieces in the optimum order for a perfect result.