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Almost free-floating, noise-reducing and shielding.


With a large range of colours, the option to design your own cut-out pattern and choose a size according to individual needs, a COVER can match any decor.
The genuine wool felt in COVER gives the room a very distinctive tactile sensation.
At the same time, the experience of textiles is highlighted by the fact that the large surfaces can quite naturally curve a little at the edges, just as patterns with larger cutouts can cause small charming falls in the felt.

COVER is available in three versions:

COVERsingle in 5 mm felt, max. width 178 cm
COVERdouble in 2 layers of 3 mm felt, max. width 178 cm
COVERtriple in 3 mm felt on both sides of a core of 5 mm recycled pes. felt. Max. width 175 cm.


COVER is made to measure and can be mounted in many ways.

COVERsingle and COVERdouble:
- with magnets directly on glass.
- with wire suspended from rail, with wire screwed into the ceiling or wire with hook for magnet.
- with Hook&Loop in panel wagon in rails with up to 5 tracks

- with a wire suspended from a rail or with a wire screwed into the ceiling.



Feltcolors for COVERS

Mounting of COVERS

Inspiring installations with COVERs

Paintbook for COVERsingle

Paintbook for COVERdouble

Technical info for COVERS

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