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Felt for walls and decoration

Felt is a fantastic material for decoration and wall covering.
The use of felt for wall mounting combines decoration and sound absoption,
and a combination of unique design and comfortably working enviroment.

The wool for Fraster Felt is pressed so tightly that the finished felt becomes extremely tear resistant, so that the edges do not fray. This means that we can make incredibly precise cuts on our cutting machine. If you want to combine more colours, we cut all colours seperatly and mount the felt as intarsia.
Felt can be fitted directly on the wall or glued on plates, and then mounted where needed.
Fraster can cut the felt from your files, or we can help you making the correct files.

Both felt in 3 mm and 5 mm thickness are suitable for decorative purposes.
The felt is available for mounting in wet glue or with +Peel&Stick backing, which is a double-sided tape.

Min. purchase for "Felt cutlenght", width 180 cm is 9 m2 or 5 rm.
See all the colors here: 

Min. purchase for "Bespoke cutting of felt" is 1 m2.
See all the colors here:  

Please see below for examples where felt has contributed to a unique design solution.

Do you need creative advice for design or technical advice
are you welcome to contact us.

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