Filttæppe design afloor grå kontor
Filttæppe design afloor brun
Filttæppe design afloor grå
Filttæppe design afloor rød
Filttæppe Design werck, afloor

Afloor - unikt design i A-format

The Afloor carpet collection is a graphic composition based on the well known A-format we all interact with every day in form of paper, magasines etc.

My idea was to create a unique design by using classic, well known and recognizable shapes and in combination with colours, materials and details to give a familiar yet new experience. The design has no limitations in its composition and it is always possible to continue adding tiles and thereby to achieve the composition and size desired - and to create your own unique carpet. The only condition is that you must use A-formats in your composition (A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 is used in the standard collection)"

Lars Vejen / SHLdesign



The Afloor standard collection consists of five fixed compositions, four rugs and a runner, where design, colours and stiching are all decided.

Any other and unique composition is produced on request.

Standards size, rugs
148 x 210 cm
178 x 252 cm
207 x 294 cm
252 x 356 cm

width of runner 84 cm