The history of felt - in short

Wool felt has been made for thousands of years. One of the oldest findings of felt objects dates back to 500 B.C. and was found in royal tombs in southern Siberia. The way you make wool felt, has by and large not changed since. It is still mainly about shearing a sheep, carding the wool, moisturising it with hot water and then processing it well, until the wool fibres are tangled up into a dense mass. (If you have ever tried washing a wool pullover at 60 degrees, you will know what we mean).

Maintenance of felt rugs
We recommend that you vacuum your felt rug regularly, in order to avoid dirt from adhering and sand grains and the like from wearing the felt. The short wool fibres of the yarn can over time become excess wool and make the surface woolly. Thorough vacuuming resolves this problem easy and effectively.

If you spill on the rug, you should remove the stain immediately, in order to ensure that it doesn’t dry up. First, dab with a clean cloth. Then, spray the stain with lukewarm water, possibly with mild soap added. Finally, dab with a clean cloth. Repeat the procedure if necessary. It is important that you dab the stain, instead of rubbing the moist felt, since this may lead to an unfortunate result.

For stubborn stains, we recommend a dry cleaning agent or professioanl dry cleaning services.