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If you require a rug in a non-standard width, we can make this by welding two pieces of rugs together.

A welding is a 7-10 cm wide glued binding ironed on the backside of the joining of the two rug pieces.

Wool and sisal are affected by the set surroundings as it is made of natural materials, hence a rug may shrink and stretch according to the surroundings and conditions in the room. You may therefore see the welding on a rug stays even whereas the rest of the rug may change and seem uneven.

By welding two rugs together you may also see a small diversity, more or less visible, in transversal patterns depending on quality and pattern.

A welding is always made in the longitudinal direction.

The following qualities are suitable for joining with a welding: Mellana 1400 - Mellon - Schaft plain (not herringbone weaving) - Melcombi

See below examples of a welding on different qualities.


Mellon Stripe with two weldings..

Rugs with longitudinal stripes are well suited for welding.





Quality Mellon.

3 examples of a welding.























Quality schaft