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Felt filters and softens sound. Given some beautiful colours and modern expressive patterns, felt can simultaneously draw the eye like a magnet. And filter everything into pleasant surroundings where it is easier to concentrate, meet, talk or perhaps think outside the box.

To ensure optimal soundproofing, the TwisterPLUS acoustic panels are made of anthracite-coloured acoustic plate draped with felt and fitted at a distance of 50 mm from the wall.

The TwisterPLUS acoustic panels are available in standard sizes of 88x88 cm and 59x59 cm, a rich selection of 20 patterns and colour combinations borrowed from our felt collection of 31 colours. Each of the 20 patterns is therefore designed with the intention to give the impression of an entirely new pattern by putting several panels together and then rotating them with regard to each other.

And if you need special TwisterPLUS panel sizes or a special pattern for your interior decoration, Fraster can easily do that, as well.

Wall, 50 mm distance (standard)
Wall, 30 mm distance (option)
Wire from ceiling, horisontally or vertically (standard)

Front:    5 mm wool felt
Back:   10-mm Nitona acoustic plate, 100% polyester

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