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Walking standing sensual pleasure

Thoughts about rugs

Try exploring your own home. Look at the rooms with new eyes
Let your eyes wander across the floors.
Then, let your creativity run free

Who says that area rugs are only suitable
for under dining and coffee tables?
And who says that they have to be square? Or round?
Who has limited your individuality to a narrow palette of colors and patterns
And what should keep you from thinking new thoughts about rugs?
From creating new exciting rooms inside rooms.
Marking special spots?
Highlight your favourite corner?
Underlinge a good feeling?.
Felt rugs have to be chosen using your eyes, ears, fingers and toes.
Felt for the senses.
Beautiful to behold, lovely to touch, quietening to the ear, 
a joy to walk on.
Design your own rug pattern or start from Frasters patterns.
Choose from a selection of many colours
and find the rug that perfectly matches the room
and its interior design.