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Good news x 4

4 new colours on the felt pallette 

It is no secret that, at Fraster, we love colours. Therefore, we have added another four colours to our colour palette:

  • Ink 309
  • Emerald 560 
  • Sepia 463 
  • Flamingo 534

Three of these colours are part of our ”Naturel” range and enable you to also add a touch of colour when working with natural shades. The fourth newcomer (Flamingo) belongs in the ”Colour” range.

Common colour palette
In addition to adding four new colours to our ranges, we have also combined the colour palettes of 3 mm and 5 mm felt. This means that all 35 colours of our common colour palette are now available in three felt qualities: 

  • 3 mm wool felt
  • 5 mm wool felt
  • 5 mm wool felt with EVA backing (felt rugs)

Call us pattern breakers, if you like 

Apart from feeling passionate about felt and colours, we also feel enthusiastic about creating patterns, which bring out the best in our felt products. And we are not afraid to challenge conventions and venture into the unknown. An example of this is the fact that you find an element of arbitrariness in most of our patterns, which means that you, the user and viewer, will never finish ”reading it”. Will never finish exploring it.

We now introduce 12 completely new patterns and designs distributed over three product categories:


COVER (Room dividers)

Design Oxygen - design shot - design stroke - design Crystal




TwisterPLUS (acoustic panels)

Design Cirrus - design Cumulus - design Nimbus - design Stratus

see how 4 panels of TwisterPLUS Nimbus creates different designs when mounted together og then twisted




Felt rugs

Design Cubic - design Tartan - design Format - design Aurora


Go to the paint books for colourring all the new designs with colours from the full felt pallette.